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Modulating Sentences: Upper Octave Rast Descent => 1

The sentences on this and the following pages modulate away from the primary jins of the maqam, Jins Rast. Some tonicize other areas of the maqam (ajnas), while others pass through multiple ajnas, forming Rast pathways.

The melodies on this page span the widest melodic range, from the upper octave of Rast, through the middle jins (Nahawand or Secondary Rast in most cases), resolving to the root tonic of the maqam in the lower octave. Many of them are closing sentences of their respective performances, closing either sections or whole pieces; some are opening sentences, laying out the range of the maqam before developing individual ajnas in more detail.

Type: 4231 (upper octave) descent => 1

Type: 3454321 (upper octave) => Nahawand descent (copy)

Type: 4321 (upper octave) => Nahawand descent (copy)

Type: Upper octave Rast Descent => 1

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