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I wish to thank the following people for their roles in this project: My wife, Robin Shumays, for her patience and good humor regarding my work on this. ("I'm almost finished!")

Severine Neff and Michael Cherlin, the former and current editors of Music Theory Spectrum, who, by asking me to peer-review several article submissions, provided the motivation for my submission of "Maqam Analysis: A Primer;" and for publishing it, which provided the motivation for me to produce this site.

Sarah Weiss, for her initial review of the submitted article, support of the project, and invitation to her class at Yale, where I made the first trial presentation of the website and article.

Dennis Demakos, for seeing this project from before the beginning, in my initial classes at Lark Camp, through article drafts, visual representations, etc., and providing thoughtful feedback all the way.

Johnny Farraj, for being my long-time co-conspirator in presenting Maqam on the web, helping me look for new ways to talk about Arabic Music Theory, being a great sounding-board, and being a great musical collaborator for over a decade.

Anne Rasmussen, for giving me support and encouragement in my journey as well as helpful commentary, and an opportunity to lecture and work with her students at William & Mary.

George Sawa for his thorough review and helpful commentary on the website after its "beta" launch in Spring 2013.

Scott Marcus for his thorough review and critique of the original article, which helped shape my selection of additional analyses to add to this site.

Flushing Town Hall, and its Executive Director Ellen Kodadek, for allowing the flexibility within my job as Deputy Director that has enabled me to continue my music career and put in the time necessary to complete this site.

The Arabic Music Retreat for giving me a great start, thanks to Simon Shaheen, Ali Jihad Racy, and Kay Campbell.

And all of the teachers and musicians I've worked with, from whom I've learned everything I know about maqam and Arabic Music: Tareq Abboushi, Mohamed Aly, Abdel-Basit Bakkar, Souren Baronian, Mariam Bazeed, Steve Blum, Virginia Danielson, Rami El-Aasser, Amir ElSaffar, Sinan Erdemsel, Alfred Gamil, Salma Habib, Ghaida Hinnawi, Wael Kakish, Youssef Kassab, Nicole LeCorgne, Haig Manoukian, Dimitri Mikelis, Ahmed Mohsin, Aaron Paige, Mohamed Qasas, Salah Rajab, Bridget Robbins, Bassam Saba, Abdel-Minaim Senkary, Najeeb Shaheen, Apostolos Sideris, Zafer Tawil, Anne-Elise Thomas, Umut Yasmut, Josef Zalta, Faisal Zedan, George Ziadeh.