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This site provides a comprehensive guide to Maqam Analysis, featuring 819 audio samples of 29 songs from the Egyptian and Syrian music traditions. Designed as a complement to the article "Maqam Analysis: A Primer," it actually contains many more examples than were possible in an article, offering a more thorough elaboration of the analytical principles laid out there--as well as, obviously, the inclusion of the audio itself. The colored boxes contain the audio samples, parsed by jins--go ahead and click play! Choose your track on the left, or just start to explore analyses by maqam, the songs, the introduction, or the analysis track. Note: This site is cross-tabbed with the Network Demo site and the Rast Vocabulary site, via the navigation bar at the top of the page: e.g. Maqam Rast on this site links directly to the Maqam Rast page on the Network Demo site, and vice versa. Jins Nahawand on this site links to Jins Nahawand sentences on the Rast Vocabulary site, and vice-versa.