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II. Jins Baggage

Although ajnas can be theoretically classified into 3, 4, or 5-note ajnas, based on the next point of modulation (see section on "Basic Ajnas"), in practice actual melodies extend beyond these boundaries. A deeper understanding of the importance of melody enables us to see that a better approach to defining the boundaries of a jins has more to do with areas of tonicization, rather than with "tetrachords" or "pentachords." Modulations to a new tonic area are clearly audible. It is those changes that signal a change of jins, rather than simply a melodic extension into a higher or lower area of the scale.

Therefore, I refer to the areas above and below the traditionally defined jins boundaries as a jins's "baggage"--the stuff carried with it, in which melodies can move--without signalling a change to a new jins.