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III. Previously Unnamed Ajnas

Once we understand that tonicization is the primary marker of jins, and that melodic motion within common ajnas extends beyond their previously defined boundaries (see examples of "Jins Baggage"), we discover that there are a number of ajnas that have different kinds of tonicization and melodic motion than the ajnas named in traditional theory.

Below, on the right column, you will find links to pages with analyses and audio examples of some of these previously unnamed ajnas.

(From Ya Shadi il-Alhan) : Jins Secondary Rast

(From Ayqadha-l-hubbu Fuaadi) : Jins Secondary Ajam

(From Kull illy habb itnasaf) : Jins Secondary Saba

(From Tif Ya Durri) : Jins Hijazkar

(From Amana Ya Leil) : Jins Pseudo-Sikah

(From Aruh Li Meen) : Jins Sikah Beladi