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Resources (a.k.a. links)

"The Fuzzy Boundaries of Intonation in Maqam: Cognitive and Linguistic Approaches." This paper covers the subject of intonation in Arabic music in an exploratory way.

"Microtones in Arabic Music." Podcast audio demonstration of the variety of microtones used in maqam.

Online educational resources in Arabic Music

Maqam World Developed by Johnny Farraj 2001-2004 (I was a principal consultant, and recorded many of the audio samples), this site is still the most comprehensive online presentation of the traditional view of the Maqam system. The content here at maqamlessons.com expands upon, and fills in the missing pieces of, the content presented at Maqam World, rather than contradicting it.

Qoran Way Very comprehensive presentation of recordings of Qur'anic recitation organized by maqam. Features many of the best reciters, and all of the important maqamat. However, the site is entirely in Arabic.

Oud for Guitarists: online video lessons in playing oud, along with manuals and other written materials, practice tracks, etc. Newly published (Fall 2013).

Turath.org is, according to its own description, "the oldest site on the web dedicated exclusively for the education, analysis, reviews, and resources for traditional Arab music worldwide." Includes articles, interviews, profiles, events. etc. I recommend within this site the page by Ali Jihad Racy, simply called "Arab Music," which includes history, descriptions of instruments, and a maqam list. Turath.org also has a fairly large resources/links page.

Mike's Ouds: A variety of resources on this site, including a forum.

Arabic Music 4 U, Classical Arabic Music.com, Traditional Arabic Music.com & Arabic Music Archives: A set of affliliated websites offering a variety of resources, including history, culture, and theory information as well as recordings and video. You can download and/or buy some recordings from these websites as well.

I3zif.com: online classes in Arabic music.

Arab Cultural Centers and Community Ensembles

Alwan for the Arts: excellent Arab cultural center in New York City, lots of great music programming and classes (which I'm sometimes a part of).

Kan Zaman: Community Arab Music ensemble based in Pasadena, CA. Lots of great opportunities to learn under tremendously knowledgeable Music Director Wael Kakish.

Zawaya: An Arab cultural non-profit based in the Bay Area, which also includes the Aswat community ensemble.

The Michigan Arab Orchestra: A community-based Arab music ensemble in Dearborn, MI

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture: A Philadelphia-based Arab cultural non-profit, which also includes a resident music ensemble and extensive educational opportunities.

The Arab American National Museum: the first museum in the world devoted to Arab-American history and culture.

Arabic music to buy or download online

Rashid Music Sales: America's largest and oldest distributor of Arabic music. Est. 1934. Once a proud storefront in Brooklyn (we miss the store, Ray!), now a thriving online retailer. Ray can find anything you need.

Sama3y.net: Download lots of great arabic classical music for free; also has other resources such as profiles of major artists. Site entirely in Arabic.

Maqam.com: Buy Arabic Music recordings online.

Projects with a related mission

The Dictionary of American Regional English: "...a long-term project that documents the words, phrases, and pronunciations that vary from region to region in the United States, will launch an electronic version that will be updated regularly, to encourage the use of this unique reference work by scholars, researchers, and others who love language."

Terralingua: "...an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that works to sustain the biocultural diversity of life - a precious heritage to be cherished, protected, and nurtured for generations to come."

Insight Labs: "It's like the love child of a think tank and a flash mob for good."

Flushing Town Hall: A multi-disciplinary arts presenter in Queens, NY, serving the amazingly diverse immigrant communities around it with arts from all over the world.

Old Town School of Folk Music: Based in Chicago, IL.

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