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Jins Rast Upper Octave to 4

These sentences and melodies are distinctly different, both in vocabulary and in character, from those used in Jins Rast in the lower register. Some melodies are common to both registers, but even these have a different function in those different registers. Those on this page emphasize the 4th scale degree in the upper octave and/or have their peak on 4.

Type: 4231 (upper octave)

Type: 4231 (upper octave) descent => 1

Type: 4321 (upper octave)

Type: 4321 (upper octave) => Nahawand descent (copy)

Type: 5 => 1234321 (upper octave)

Type: 343 (upper octave)

Type: 3432 (upper octave)

Type: 32171 (upper octave)

Type: upper octave 3 | 2176

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