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Multiple Ajnas

On this page are sentences that pass through more than one jins. Some start in the upper register and resolve down to the root tonic. A number of them involve modulations to Nahawand before descending, either from Jins Hijaz 5, or Jins Secondary Rast, or Rast in the upper octave - and many of those therefore pass through at least 3 different ajnas. A few other modulations are covered as well. I've linked the Common Rast Pathways Analysis page above, because it shows all of these pathways through multiple ajnas, parsing different pieces than are covered here.

Type: 4231 (upper octave) descent => 1

Type: 3454321 (upper octave) => Nahawand descent (copy)

Type: 4321 (upper octave) => Nahawand descent

Type: 2nd Rast => Nahawand 5 descent

Type: Simple Nahawand 5 descent

Type: Suznak ascending

Type: Suznak descending

Type: Suznak => Nahawand 5 descent (copy)

Type: Hijaz 5 => Nahawand 5 descent

Type: 2nd Saba 6/8 => 2nd Rast 5/8

Type: 2nd Saba => 9-8765

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