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Other Ajnas

Presented here are melodies using ajnas other than the most common ones covered on the other pages (Jins Rast lower and upper octaves, Jins Hijaz, Jins Nahawand, and Jins Secondary Rast, all of which are the most central/essential ajnas of Maqam Rast): on this page we cover Jins Secondary Saba, Jins Bayati, Jins Secondary Rast in the Lower Octave, and "Husseini" melodies in Jins Nahawand.

Type: "Husseini" 865

What I'm referring to here as "Husseini" is a strong emphasis on the natural 6th scale degree descending to the 5th scale degree. Husseini is usually understood as a similar melodic pathway from the 5th to the 4th scale degrees of Bayati, but I've found that since the melody exists in Maqam Rast as well, it makes sense to use the same name for it here. We could also consider this melody type to be a subset of Jins Nahawand.

Secondary Saba Sentences

For an explanation of Jins Secondary Saba, visit the Jins Secondary Saba page on the Analysis site, as well as the Rast: Other Pathways page to see Rast pathways using the jins.

Type: 2nd Saba 6/8 => 2nd Rast 5/8

Type: 2nd Saba 9-876

Type: 2nd Saba => 9-8765

Low Jins Sentences

The Final 3 sentence types here use the jins underneath the root tonic of the maqam, which as you can see by the lack of examples is actually quite rare, at least in this period. Only the Yusuf al-Manyalawi recording on this site uses this area of the maqam, and it is most likely because his tonic (G) is high enough in the middle register to do so.

Type: 2nd Rast => bass octave 765

Type: 2nd Rast bass octave 45671 =>2 (copy)

Type: Bayati => 5 lower octave

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