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Suznak and Hijaz Sentences

Maqam Suznak is the member of the Rast family tonicizing Hijaz on the 5th scale degree. The boundary between what should be considered "Maqam Suznak" vs. "Maqam Rast tonicizing Jins Hijaz on the 5th scale degree" is somewhat fuzzy, an issue discussed in the article "Maqam Analysis: A Primer", and covered as well in the sections IV. Common Pathways and VII. The Big Picture: Aruh Li Meen from the Analysis site. Here, I consider "Suznak" sentences to be those that pass through both Jins Rast 1 and Jins Hijaz 5, spanning the octave, while the "Hijaz" sentences are those that stay in the one jins, more heavily tonicizing 5.

Type: Suznak ascending

Type: Suznak descending

Type: Suznak => Nahawand 5 descent (copy)

Type: Hijaz 5

Type: Hijaz 5 => Nahawand 5 descent (copy)

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