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Jins Rast Sentences: Opening and Closing Sentences

This page and the following present sentences centered on Jins Rast, the most important and central jins of Maqam Rast.

This page shows the opening sentences from the performances analyzed here - a very useful comparison, since openings tend to be more formulaic, in the sense of having a few set melodies that are used over and over again, to signal the identity of the maqam. The same can be said of melodies that resolve the maqam, on the second half of the page: a lot can happen in the middle, but openings and closings ("Qaflah," meaning "lock" in Arabic) tend to be more fixed.

Opening Sentences

Abul-3ila Mohamed 1

Umm Kulthum

Abdel-Hayy Hilmi 1 (starting with mawwal after layali over beat ends)

Yusuf il-Manyalawi

Sentences Closing Jins Rast

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