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Mid-Register Rast Performances

These two performances have a Rast tonic in the middle of the vocal register, which leads the emphasis of the maqam more toward the 5th scale degree, and the jins above Rast emphasizing and tonicizing 5 (in the vocal register, this note would be the octave tonic (C, B, or D) of the other versions of Rast - and that note tended to be a strong note of repeated empasis in male vocals of Early 20th Century Egypt). There is a great deal of variation, with both performances making use of different versions of the 6th scale degree, as a melodic highlight. Contrast the feeling of the Maqam, and the sentences used, with the low-register and high-register versions of Rast shown in the other sections.

Abdel-Hayy Hilmi: Layali Rast & Mawwal "Ila muhayyad"

Actual Key: Rast on F

Yusuf al-Manyalawi: Mawwal Rast "Man lahu 3ahdun"

Actual Key: Rast on G

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