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Abdel-Hayy Hilmi

Amazing singer. I find both of these performances impressive for the degree of concentration, and the length of time dwelling on the same melodies and variations. Not to speak of the obvious vocal power. It's great to here him do performances of two different versions of Rast: one in the high octave, and one in the middle register with an emphasis on the lower octave Jins rast and Jins Nahawand on 5. That presents a clear contrast between the melodies used in the lower register Jins Rast, and the different melodies used in Jins Rast when it occurs on the higher octave (since you can hear one singer doing both).

Abdel-Hayy Hilmi: Layali Rast & Mawwal "Ila muhayyad"

Actual Key: Rast on F

Abdel-Hayy Hilmi: Mawwal Rast "Ya Hadi el-3eis"

Actual Key: Rast on C

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