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Yusuf al-Manyalawi & Sayyid is-Safti

Yusuf al-Manyalawi's performance is a mid-register Rast, emphasizing jins Rast with variants on the 6th scale degree. Sayyid is-Safti's performance is an upper register version of Rast (although his actual tonic, A, is only one step higher than Yusuf il-Manyalawi's at G), emphasizing the very iconic upper-register Rast melodies without as much variation as most of the other performances here. In that sense, it provides a very clear picture of the melodic skeleton, and most important/central melodies, of that upper-register Rast

Yusuf al-Manyalawi: Mawwal Rast "Man lahu 3ahdun"

Actual Key: Rast on G

Sayyid is-Safti: Mawwal Rast "Il-Leil ahu taal"

Actual Key: Rast on A

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